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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bouquet de Bonheur [md_bouquetdebonheur] - $6.20 : Scrapping Moments

Bouquet de Bonheur [md_bouquetdebonheur] - $6.20 : Scrapping Moments

A romantic soft and delicate Kit with 15 texturized and decorated papers, 104 assorted embelishments and an alpha created by Maria Designs

Usually Charity kits are created in stores with a group designers, but I think that if each of us can work for a better world, starting with helping those who live near us. If each of us reach our hand and give up a little of ourselves to support and ease someone elses suffering, we are surely contributing for a better world, a more fair one and a world that makes more sense.

For this reason, from now on, every time I know of a situation near me or near someone I know and trust, that I can help reducing someone suffering; I will create a SCRAPPING SMILES - Individual Charity kit.

The sales from this 1st kit (deducting paypal commission, there is not any store comission here) will go 100% directly to help an almost 90 years old lady (her birthday is in october) that lives completely alone at home (does not have any children and came home today from hospital after an ER situation of severe anemia hospitalization), she has many health problems including bone cancer and kidneys faillure, and has a social pension of approx $340/month to survive and pay for her medication.

I'm sure this money will relieve her suffering a bit and make her feel she is not so lonely.

By purchasing this kit you are most certainly contributing for an eldery 90 years old wonderful lady to put a smile on her face, for that THANK YOU!!!


Create the most awesome pages with this lovely kit.

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