St. Louis

Monday, June 7, 2010

My first assignment from Misses Beehaven Ct Team. I love the kit - Skyla by JK Creations. It is so perfect for any new bundle of joy or your little princesses. Life's Blessings Our New Little Princess


  1. Love these layouts Cathy!! funny you should get my CT designer as your first assignment!! LOL I love that kit! It's so pretty! You're new little one is going to provide you with oddles of layout photos!! :) I see you got the *share this* bit put on too! Great! :) Did you know you can make your photos bigger? When you post them there's an edit bar across the bottom for you to change the size of the photo. If you can't see it, just have to click on the photo and it appears again :)

  2. Oh.. you can delete this comment and parts of the other one you don't want showing too LOL.. sorry about that :( LOL